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A long, dark green American slicing cucumber, bred for hoop house production. It has a small seed cavity and thinner than usual skin. This should keep us in cucumbers into fall.



This heirloom cucumber, most likely from Russia, looks like its name: light yellow with a round to oval shape. It has a crisp, mild flesh, good to eat fresh, as you would any cucumber. You can also use it like citrus slices to flavor water.



Or, more technically, Marketmore 76. It is your typical slicing cucumber: dark green, with white spines (that I usually wipe off).

Marketmore 76

Poona Kheera

These shorter, fatter cucumbers come from India. They can range from light yellow-green when young to russet-brown at full maturity. The catalog where I purchased the seed says they like them best at just turning brown, for maximum sweet flavor, and juicy crispness.

Poona Kheera


Shintokiwa is a long, slender cucumber from Japan. It has a smooth skin and sweet, crisp flesh. You may find that you don’t need to peel it. I will harvest them at 9-12 inches long.


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