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Summer Squash

Benning’s Green Tint

Benning’s Green Tint is an heirloom patty-pan type squash, with its saucer shape and scalloped edges. It gets its name from its pale green color. I’ll try to keep these small, at their best, around 3″ in diameter.

Benning’s Green Tint

Costata Romanesco

This Italian heirloom zucchini is a taste test winner, with its nutty flavor and exceptional texture. It has a ribbed, light green striped skin that gives it a distinctive appearance. I’ll cut these at 6-8″, trying to keep them to the 6″ side.

Costata Romanesco

Dark Star

A dark green zucchini, Dark Star was developed in northern California as an open pollinated variety. This is what I think of, when I think of zucchini. Again, I’ll cut them at 6-8″ long, trying to stay closer to 6″.

Dark Star

Yellow Crookneck

Another heirloom summer squash, this one has a thin, crooked neck  and rounded body. The lemon yellow skin and creamy white flesh are most tender when small, so that is how I will pick them; at 5-6″ long.

Yellow Crookneck

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