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Someone New

June 22, 2009

A week ago Saturday, Steven and I drove out to PDX to meet a passenger flying into Portland from Colorado Springs. Her name is Paige. She is our niece (Steven’s sister’s daughter).

Paige checking for eggs.

Paige checking for eggs.

Paige is staying with us for a while this summer; as long as she doesn’t get too bored out here with a couple of middle aged folks with no kids. Well, at least not human children…the chickens are pretty close to the same thing and quite entertaining in their own right. To our delight, she said she wanted to learn about organic gardening and is ready to help however she can. Being the good and loving aunt and uncle that we are, we couldn’t disappoint her. Paige is blogging for her family and friends about her time in Portland. I asked if you could read her blog to hear her perspective on June’s Corner Garden and life with Steven, Michelle and the girls. She said yes.

Snap pea vines ready to go to the compost pile.

Snap pea vines ready to go to the compost pile.

This has been a productive week. Steven took a few days off again, to help in the garden. He and Paige finished putting the t-tape irrigation in on Monday and cleared out a bed of weeds so I could plant winter squash. Tuesday, more of the same; another bed of weeds and more winter squash planted. Wednesday, Steven went back to work and Paige and I did more weeding and got several flats of new seeds going. After deliveries on Thursday, we started more seeds. This time I am getting fall crops planted early enough to get some edible results (I hope). Friday, back to weeding: clearing out the first planting of snap peas and weeding one of the hoop houses to get ready for, you guessed it, more winter squash.

Whew! Get a few extra people out in the garden and things get done!


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