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Whatever the Weather

July 6, 2009

Even though I read the forecasts, when I woke up today, I still felt disappointment. Clouds, a little mist, wind. The sun is gone for a few days.

Some onions bolted

Some onions bolted

The weather is always on my mind. Whether it is too hot, too cold, too dry or too wet, there is usually something that is not quite perfect. But really, this year has been pretty good. The spring was drier than usual, though a little cool until April. May and June had some beautiful summer teaser weeks, not just days. I thoroughly enjoyed them, as did most of the garden . . . except for the onions. Some decided to bolt after the weather cooled back to normal. Back in mid-June we took the end plastic off the hoop houses–it was warm enough. That was about two weeks earlier than last year. And where did these last few sunny, hot days come from? They shouldn’t come until late July or August.

The end plastic came off the hoop house early this year.

The end plastic came off the hoop house early this year.

Summers here are so beautiful, I forget that there actually are cloudy, misty and rainy days sometimes. A few cool days with rain are okay, but just a few. Once in a while I have inside work to do.

I just checked the forecasts. The sun should be back by the end of the week.

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