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July 18, 2009

I am waiting.

The potatoes look great. I planted them a little late this year. They are starting to flower, which means the tubers are forming. I also got the winter squash out later than usual. They are looking better every day and I can see squash growing. But they are not what I am waiting for.

The first two plantings of lettuce have been harvested and eaten. The third and fourth plantings are coming along. The batavian escarole is ready, as are the chicories, but not the radicchio yet. But, they are not what I am waiting for.

I planted beans earlier than usual this year. The Romano Gold beans have flowers now. And the peppers are looking so good. I think the peppers will be ready early this year. I am kind of waiting for these, but there is still something else I am waiting for.

I had trouble with my tomato starts this year. It took three tries, but  the third round of starts finally took. I kept them under lights 24/7, to help them get some gowth. I still don’t know if they will have enough time to bear. I did get a some tomato plants from neighbors and friends. We even ate two tomatoes this week.

Some of my cucumber starts didn’t make it and the rest were very slow to get growing. They are making progress now; flowering and I even saw some very tiny cucumbers forming.

Tomatoes and cucumbers: these are what I am waiting for.

The first tomatoes of the season

The first tomatoes of the season

Still waiting for cucumbers

Still waiting for cucumbers

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