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Still More to Plant

September 14, 2009
The fifth planing of lettuce is in the ground.

The fifth planing of lettuce is in the ground.

I am still planting at June’s Corner Garden. Late last week, I planted the fifth round of lettuce out in the garden. The sixth round still needs to be potted up, so it can get a little bigger before it goes out. I even started a seventh round today. I don’t know how far it will get…it may end up being some late winter/early spring lettuce for me and Steven.

I also planted cabbage and Brussels sprouts starts. It is too late for them and I don’t expect that I will get anything, but I had the starts, I had some space, and what is the harm in trying? They got started on time this year (back in mid-June), got potted up once, but then our niece, Paige, left. She helped out a lot with starting seeds and potting up starts (she worked on these ones). I didn’t get to potting them up again and didn’t have the space until now to get them out in the garden. But, who knows how the fall weather will turn out? Maybe I will be surprised.

I have a few other starts that have a good chance for fall production: kale, escarole and endive. I just have to clean out a space in the garden for them.

Today was the last day for starting seeds this season. As I just mentioned, I started one more round of lettuce, as well as some cool weather greens: bok choi, spinach, arugula, a few different mustards, miners lettuce and corn salad (aka mache or vit). If all goes well (not too many slugs or other pests), these could show up on the list of produce in November.

Loading up the Kabota with the coop straw to take down to the compost pile.

Loading up the Kabota with the coop straw to take down to the compost pile.

Steven helped with a big task on Saturday: a thorough cleaning of the chicken coop. We took all the straw and nest box bedding out to the compost pile. (It will decompose in the compost pile for 6 months to a year before we put it out in the garden.) Then we scrubbed it down, let it dry, and put new bedding in. The girls were a little hesitant when they went in last night, but they realized that even though it smelled a little different, it was still their coop.

First night in the clean coop.

First night in the clean coop.

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