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First Frost

October 13, 2009
Damaged bean plants

Damaged bean plants

Kind of. I guess it could count as the official first frost. Saturday night we had a light frost. It was very light, nothing completely died, but it did some damage. I had a late planting of beans that needed a long warm fall to bear. I just picked the first few beans from those plants last week, but they have been hurt. Will they produce any more beans? I am not sure.

Dying butternut squash vines

Dying butternut squash vines

Other warm weather plants were hurt, too: eggplant, peppers, winter squash, zucchini (though the latter two were dying back anyway).

Then the weather reports said it would be even colder Sunday night. So, I went out and picked tomatoes (green and red), sweet peppers and the last eggplant or two. I cut down whole hot pepper plants. Monday morning I woke up to 40 degrees. Sigh.

We put up the end plastic on the second hoop house on Saturday. I still have peppers in the hoop house that are doing great (sweet and hot) and a few tomato plants, among other things.

But for now, green tomatoes, anyone?

Here they are.

Here they are.

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