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Cranberry Harvest

October 27, 2009
Cranberries are ready

Can you find the cranberries hidden in this picture?

It is kind of like the Highlights magazine you looked at in the dentist’s office when you were a kid. Remember the puzzle page, the one were you find objects hidden in a picture? Yep, can you find the cranberries hidden in the picture above? (Hint: Look in the bottom left quadrant.)

Cranberries and weeds

Kind of reminds you of the picture I put up during the summer, huh?

It really wasn’t that bad. I started picking cranberries on Saturday. I’m sure there are faster ways to do it, but I just dug around in the cranberry vines to find the berries. I didn’t get too far, just one little section, because the cranberries need to be weeded, too, and I only had a little time left before it got dark. You might remember I posted about cranberries before, and how bad the weeds were. That was the last time I weeded that bed and it has been waiting for another cleaning out. Maybe someday the cranberries will be thick enough to keep the weeds out, but I think there are a lot of weed seeds just waiting to sprout.

I am pretty excited, though, to actually have my first cranberry harvest. I am not sure how many I will get altogether, certainly enough for cranberry sauce this Thanksgiving, and maybe more to freeze or try to make some juice. It gives me hope that there could be cranberries in the future of June’s Corner Garden.


Part 1 of the cranberry harvest

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