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Things to Come

August 3, 2010

July, that shoulder month in between the cool and warm season crops, is extending into August this year. The temperatures are still a little below average this summer, even though we have had a few 90+ degree days. Having just a few warm days has caused confusion for some vegetables. Going back and forth from the 90’s to upper 60s/low 70s and back again is enough to make us wonder what happened to summer. The onions sure couldn’t figure it out. They decided summer must have come and gone and come back again, and many (most?) of them decided to bolt. Thus, the discounted price on onions right now, though they are still good to eat. And the beans, the poor green beans. I am more convinced I just got a bad batch of seed this year. My third planting of Nickel beans had the same results as the first two: pretty much no germination. Even though it is really too late, I will replant with another variety later this week. Maybe we’ll have a long summer, if not a particularly hot one and still get a few green beans.

So, we are waiting a bit longer on warm season vegetables. Here are some pictures of what is coming:

Cucumbers should be up next

Sweet peppers are liking the warmth of the hoop house

There are a few eggplant are on the way

Tomatoes are ripening slowly

Lots of celeriac, too, for the fall

I planted lots of leeks this year

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