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Blue Sky

April 14, 2011

Beautiful, beautiful blue sky

It is amazing what a blue sky can do for the spirit, especially after the March we had this year. Did you see the article in The Oregonian on Saturday? About how many clear days we have had this year, especially in March? Yep, that would be zero clear days in March. But, April is looking a little better.

The second round of pea starts are in

We did take advantage of the few days of dry weather at the end of last week to do the second till on some of the vegetable beds, getting them ready to plant. The second round of pea starts went in on Saturday, onions on Monday, and beets and the last planting of peas (seeds this time) on Tuesday. I tried something new with the beets this year, instead of directly seeding outside, I started them inside. Last spring, after I had already planted my beets, I heard from another farm that they started their beets inside and transplanted them out.

onion starts

Since I’m not crazy about thinning, I thought I would give this a try. We’ll see how it works. I am hoping they will size up a little faster, since I gave them more space than I usually did with direct seeding and thinning. Unfortunately, I did not start enough, so I still had to seed part of the bed. But, it won’t be so much thinning this time.

Trying out transplanting beets this year

The beginning of next week is looking good again, so more planting is on the way!

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