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The Best Way Possible

July 22, 2011

The failed water tank

It was one of those days where something comes up to change my plans. I don’t like that much, but as days like that go, it went the best possible. I went down to the basement and noticed some water on the floor by the water storage tanks. Our water comes from a well and is stored in two 80 gallon tanks in our basement. I took a closer look: no condensation dripping down the outside of the tanks. No drips coming from the pipes going into the tanks and no drips coming from the pipes going out. Then I noticed a fine mist coming from the bottom of one tank.  A tiny pin hole was letting water escape from the tank. The tank had rusted through. What should I do? Call Steven, of course. With a plan in place, I turned off the pump, called the company that originally installed the tanks, and started draining the water out of the tanks. The company could send someone out the next morning. That meant no water easily available for at least a day.

Part of our temporary supply of water

As I drained the tanks, I put the water in containers so we still had water to use, but it was not very convenient. I certainly realized Tuesday how frequently I use water. Getting a drink, flushing the toilet, washing my hands, let alone taking a shower, washing lettuce for a salad and watering the garden. The garden! Luckily, things did go as well as possible. First, the weather…would I ever be thankful for cool, somewhat moist weather in July? Yes. I didn’t need to water the garden, just the starts in containers. Whew. Second, it was not a delivery day, so I didn’t need to field wash vegetables. Double whew. Finally, when the tank people came on Wednesday, they said they could disconnect the tank with the hole, and leave the other one to use until they came back on Friday to replace the tanks. I would have water for field washing vegetables for Thursday’s deliveries. Triple whew. On top of all that, it was a very small hole, that leaked very, very slowly. There was no big flood of water to clean up or cause damage; relatively easy to take care of.

Starts that still needed water

The new water storage tanks should be arriving sometime this morning. We decided to replace the old tanks with two larger (119 gallon) fiberglass tanks, with air bladders. The larger size and air bladder should be better for the water pump, as it won’t start and stop so often while I irrigate. As for the fiberglass, well, it was available quickly and it won’t rust. Though I can’t say I am thankful this happened, I am very thankful for how it happened: the best way possible.

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