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Planning for Taste

September 2, 2011


Though this season is only about halfway over, I am and have been thinking about next year. I pretty much started thinking about next year right away. What will I do the same? Different? What varieties will I plant and how much? This year I had more ground than ever before to cultivate. I used 2/3 of the orchard field for vegetables this year (2500 sq. ft.). I also added a new vegetable field where the blueberries use to be (1120 sq. ft). Adding up the other fields previously in operation, it comes to a  total of 7,740 sq. ft., which is between 1/5 and 1/6 of an acre. Really, that is not much space for a whole lot of vegetables. (I am just counting annual vegetables, not berries or fruit or other perennials.) Next year, I will have to cut back. We will be replanting the  orchard, so I won’t have that full space for vegetables. I may be able to squeeze in a few vegetables between the trees while they are small, but not for long.

more tomatoes

Decisions need to be made. This is where you, the customers, come in. I would appreciate your feedback on the vegetables and varieties you like the best; which you would like to see back next year. I do have my own criteria, when deciding what to plant, but your feedback is a part of that. Specifically, now, I am going to ask about tomatoes. Which are your favorite ones? I finally posted information on tomatoes on the Fruits and Vegetables page. If you think about it when you are eating them, see if you can tell which ones they are (I can always help at delivery) and then let me know what you like. I usually put in a mix of tomatoes, but you can ask for particular ones and I will oblige you as much as I can. I usually don’t include the really large tomatoes (Brandywine and Pineapple, specifically) unless you ask for them or you order more than two pounds, since they can weigh over one pound each. (I don’t have more than one or two of them at a time right now, anyway. Hopefully, there will be more later!)

I am paying more attention to the flavor of each tomato I eat it this year. I hope you will, too.

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