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A Week in Early Fall

September 30, 2011

Some of the crops for fall

Fall is definitely here. My hands got pretty cold yesterday, when I was out early harvesting for the day’s deliveries. It turned out to be a very nice, warm day, though. I hope we get a few more of those kinds of days. Today is looking pretty good and possibly this weekend (I am optimistic), but then maybe not until the last half of October. I just checked the 15 day forecast on Accuweather and it looks like two weeks of rain coming up. Fall is here and winter is coming.

A rainbow of carrots to come

I did more work on the carrots this week. Once the weeding was finished, by last Saturday, I started in on the thinning. I am pretty happy with what came out. The carrots I pulled weren’t big enough to sell, but some were big enough for us to eat. With a bit more room, the rest  might still have time to grow to a decent size. This time, I planted some yellow, purple and white carrots, along with the usual orange ones.

50 pounds of cover crop seed

Cover crop is next up on the agenda. On Wednesday, I picked up some cover crop seed from Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply, at their mobile site at People’s Co-op Farmer’s Market. Fava beans and crimson clover will go into most of the beds. I hope to get as many beds as I can seeded with cover crop before the rain starts.

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  1. October 3, 2011 8:49 pm

    Your rainbow of carrots are gorgeous and those fall greens look so delicious. So nice to see you at People’s. Happy cover cropping! : )

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