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Ten Days Left

September 12, 2012

There are still a lot of tomatoes, though not so many leaves.

I can’t believe how fast summer has gone by. I know, technically, it is not fall yet, but I still feel like summer is over after Labor Day, even though I don’t go back to school as a teacher any more and I don’t have any children in school. The weather is starting to change: nights are longer and, thus, cooler. I worry about rain and the tomatoes. The forecast for showers on Monday had me pruning and cleaning up the tomatoes on Sunday. I had seen some blight and I knew if it rained much my tomatoes could be dead, just like that. They look a little naked of foliage now, but I think they will make it through, since there wasn’t much rain after all. We still have about ten days left of summer. I am happy to report the forecast for the rest of September looks really, really good.

The Marketmore cucumbers are at their end

Besides my worrying about rain and tomatoes, other signs that fall is coming are summer squash and cucumbers coming to their ends. I know most farms have two or more plantings of summer squash and cucumbers, but I just don’t have enough room. I did manage to get a second planting of cucumbers in the hoop house for the fall. They are just about ready. Just in time, too, because the ones I planted in spring are pretty much done. The Poona Kheeras and Shintokiwas basically stopped producing some time ago. The Marketmores are about done now, too. I think the Lemon cucumbers will continue a bit longer, though. So, it is really good the Corintos I planted in the hoop house are on board now. I am not tired of Greek salads yet, so I am glad there are still cucumbers and tomatoes. Even better, with the sweet peppers ripening up, those Greek salads will be just a little bit brighter!

These beautiful Corinto cucumbers are ready to take the Marketmore’s place

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