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Spring Is Coming!

March 9, 2017
The first signs of spring!

I want to tell you about how much it is raining, but I know you already know. Suffice it to say, the fields are wet and muddy. But, hope springs eternal and we are hoping to be in the fields by May. With spring in mind, we are getting things going. The seeding has begun! Here are some sights from the farm:


My high tech seeding tools.

WP_20170304_001The onions come first. I am quite pleased with the germination this year.

WP_20170220_007This picture is from early February. Somewhere in the middle of that water is a drainage ditch. It overflowed, but didn’t reach our fields.

WP_20170306_004We woke up to this on Monday morning. The garlic will survive just fine.

WP_20170302_006Eggs can come in many sizes (the middle one is the usual size). The little one did not have a yolk.

WP_20170309_003It is good to have an inside building project for a rainy day. Steven built this germination box. It is lined with insulation board and filled with a layer of sand, a  heat cable, and more sand. With the lids on, it can get quite toasty in there. The seeds love it and so do I.

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