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Field Walk

June 6, 2021

Look what we found! The first cherry tomatoes!

Each week, Steven and I take a walk through the farm together, what farmers call a field walk. The first objective is to decide what will be ready to harvest the next week (or at least, which ones we think will be ready) and how much we think we can harvest. That determines what we will bring to the farmers market, make available for orders, and offer to LifeSource Natural Foods in Salem. Tomatoes are coming, but it will be a while before we have enough sell!

The second objective is to observe the crops. What is doing well? Are there any problems popping up? Last week, We noticed the winter squash were struggling, even though the starts we planted out were some of the best we’ve ever grown. Nights had been cold and it had been very windy. Then we saw that striped cucumber beetles were emerging and starting to eat the leaves. We decided that we would spray the plants with a fish fertilizer, to give them a boost, and also a powdered clay product (no chemicals, just powdered clay, called Surround) to help protect them from the cucumber beetles and the predicted heat. This week, they looked a little better (also thanks to warmer nights!), but we will give them one more spray for a second boost and round of protection.

The third main objective is to set the work priorities for the coming week. What needs to be hoed? Trellised? Fertilized? Which fields and beds are the next ones to be planted? Next week, we will prioritize hoeing, pruning, and trellising tomatoes.

Even though Steven and I both work full time on the farm, we don’t work together very often. It is good to see the farm together.

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  1. Mary Ellen McCluggage permalink
    June 6, 2021 8:16 pm

    Michelle, this is beautiful, thanks! I always wondered how you figure out what to do next! I like picturing the two of you walking and talking together.

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