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Hot in June

June 27, 2021

I don’t have to tell you it is hot this weekend. Really hot. I don’t think I have experienced anything as hot as it is supposed to be today in Oregon. 112 degrees is the forecast here at the farm. 112 degrees. Yikes! I am a bit worried about it. We have been over 100 many times, but 112? I am not sure how the plants will do in that much heat. And while I think plants can be pretty resilient, I wonder if this will be too much.

We’ll help the plants get through the heat as much as we can. We made some preparations on Friday, covering lettuce with shade cloth (pictured above) and throwing a mud slurry on one of the hoop houses, to provide some shade. I expect to spend a lot of time these next few days keeping everything hydrated. Other than that, we will hope for the best.

Despite it all, we will have plenty of vegetables available this week. Plenty of vegetables that you can eat without cooking, to keep you and your kitchen a little cooler, and help you feel refreshed on a hot day. And, hey, I just checked the forecast for the rest of the week…it is down to 88 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday! That sounds pretty cool after this weekend!

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