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May 20, 2011

Spaghetti squash, coming this fall

Yipee for dry, sunny days! It has been glorious the past few days and there may even be a few more beautiful days ahead. I got my first sunburn of the season on my forearms, outside in a short sleeve t-shirt for the first time in a long, long time. This week the warm season crops are starting to go out. Steven and I got the squash bed ready for planting last weekend, and the summer and winter squash went in this week (cucumbers will come later). I planted lots of squash this year. It may be the last time I plant so much. I have been using part of the orchard space for vegetables while the apples are gone. Next year, the apple trees will go back in, so I will need to cut back on vegetables. Winter squash take up a lot of room for the whole season, so I will be asking you about your favorite winter squash this fall, as I plan for limited space.

Tomotoes: out of the basement, into the hoop house

The tomatoes went out to the hoop house this week. Their bed is not quite ready and they need a little more time to grow before they go out. I started them late this year, though I am not sure how that happened. They struggled for a bit, until I started a second batch of seeds. Of course, then they picked up and are looking good now, just a bit behind.

Hooray for sun!

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